Podcast: Female Mentorship in Home Building – Abby Cornelius

Abby Cornelius of Abby Cornelius Coaching talks about female mentorship in home building on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast.

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Abby Cornelius of Abby Cornelius Coaching joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how female mentorship can offer women in the home building industry the support, guidance, and understanding they need to be more effective leaders.

Because of the relatively small number of women leaders in the home building industry, there is an awesome opportunity to help advise and support one another. Abby says,

“As a woman in the industry, there’s so few of us, and those that do have the ability to rise are so busy keeping their spot and working for that next spot that they don’t have a lot of time available to offer mentorship and coaching. So, I found that there was a need there. I know how valuable it was for me to have those women pouring into me and helping guide me on my career.”

Creating a circle of female mentors who provide friendship, advice, and understanding is crucial to the growth and success of women in the home building business. Abby explains

“So, for me, it was growing my network outside of my organization to realize there were more women in these roles, and connecting with these women and forming these relationships and realizing that these doors are open. How can we get there? What should I say? What should I ask? What do I have to work through in my head to make that an opportunity for me? Once I tapped into that level of mentorship and coaching, that was female-specific, it was a game changer.”

It’s important for women to seek direction from other women, and in the home building industry, there is no shortage of females who will be more than willing to offer their experiences and insights. Abby says,

“I think it’s being vulnerable, putting yourself out there into these situations, making these connections, and finding who gets you. Having coffee, having phone calls, doing Zoom calls like this, you figure out who you click with, and then utilize them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t be afraid to pick up that phone call and say, hey, I’m facing this. Do you have a minute? Can I pick your brain? Because people want to help people. The heart of people is good, and the more you can create those connections.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how women can help other women be more effective in the home building industry.

About the Guest:

Abby spent 17 years in Homebuilding working for two of the TOP 5 NATIONAL HOMEBUILDERS, Ryan Homes (NVRInc. and Taylor Morrison). She has first-hand experience in sales, training, leadership and strategically growing the business.

In 2021, Abby decided to take her industry expertise and passion for training/coaching and went out on her own forming Abby Cornelius Coaching. She is dedicating this next chapter in her career to helping women rise in homebuilding. She coaches women leaders in homebuilding who are buried in the day-to-day, build a new set of skills and implement strategies to maximize their time, develop a more self-reliant team so that they can increase their impact and results.

In addition to providing one-on-one coaching, she hosts a weekly podcast, Rise and Shine, which is dedicated to helping “home girls” rise professionally and shine personally.