Podcast: Female Perspectives in Home Building – Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Jennifer Johnson of Olivia Clarke Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the value female perspectives bring to the home building industry.

Women make or influence most home-purchasing decisions, yet they are underrepresented in many areas of home building. Jennifer says,

“Females make over 90 percent of the buying decisions for homes…”

When different viewpoints are valued on a home builder team, a better home is built. Jennifer says,

“Having all perspectives at the table, regardless of the industry, makes a better final product when everybody is represented.”

A woman’s outlook and experience bring unexplainable benefits to home builders and their customers. Jennifer explains,

“Just bringing a female perspective to the table…that has really differentiated us here. People walk in and go, what’s different about this house?  It’s almost intangible because, yeah, it has a dining room, it has a kitchen, all the basic components that you need. It’s not really about room count necessarily, it’s how you use the space and really thinking through how you would live in this home.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how important female voices are in home building.

About the Guest:

Award-winning builder Jennifer Clarke Johnson has established one of the nation’s first female-led homebuilding companies. Knowing that women make 91% of home buying decisions, Jennifer recognized her unique opportunity to build a brand that “delivers the lifestyle that we, as women, want to create for ourselves and our families,” she said. Since founding Olivia Clarke Homes, Jennifer has produced an elevated, intriguing, and unique brand resulting in excellent customer experience and true buyer connection.

Prior to launching Olivia Clarke Homes, Jennifer led in both Land Acquisitions & Division President roles. Jennifer has earned national recognition as a member of the 2016 Professional Homebuilder’s Class of 40 Under 40 and 2017 Project Manager of the Year. Her company, Olivia Clarke Homes, is a three-time award recipient at the 2022 & 2023 Dallas Builders Association McSAM Awards.