Podcast: Giving Social Media a More Personal Touch – Gail Bonnstetter

Gail Bonnstetter - Home Builder Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Gail Bonnstetter of Carpenter Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how to bring a more personal approach to social media posts that don’t have to be perfect.

Home builders can utilize various social media platforms for different purposes. Gail explains,

“Whatever platform I’m using, LinkedIn especially as we’re focused on right now, is more about educating people what we have, but also just letting them have a little personal feel as well.”

There might be some hesitancy to show the more personal side, but Gail says,

“…people like to see just people that aren’t trying to be scripted or perfect.”

Gail’s advice is,

“…I just think anybody that’s out there, because almost everybody is doing social media, is to just be yourself. Don’t worry about if you make a goof…The truth is, none of us are perfect and people are gonna accept you just to be human. Just do your best, have fun, and I really think that’s pretty much the name of the game.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about creating social media posts that are personal.

About the Guest:

Gail was born and raised on a hog farm in Iowa, and she is proud of it. Growing up on a farm embedded strong work ethics into the woman she is today. She believes being from the Midwest has given her a naturally kind heart with genuine empathy for people. She moved from Iowa in December 2011 to Oviedo, Florida. She has been in sales and marketing all her life; however, her first job when she arrived in Florida was through a temp company and with a new home builder. She has been in the industry ever since.

Covid pushed her to get my real estate license because she was so bored and that stepping stone now has her in the present of being so grateful for Larry Thompson and his belief in her because of his experience with her when we both worked for DR Horton. Now she can proudly say that she is the  VP of Sales and Marketing for his wonderful company, Carpenter Homes, in Tampa, Florida.

Sometimes we wonder why sometimes painful things happen in our lives, then as time goes on we realize, “oh……….that’s why!”