Podcast: Growing Your Home Builder Business – Randy Stanbury

Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 208: Growing Your Home Builder Business with Randy Stanbury

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Randy Stanbury of 4 Level Coach joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how to grow your home builder business successfully.

When a home builder decides to take their business to the next level, they must also determine the purpose behind that desire for growth. Randy says,

“…the very first thing we need to do is get to your why. Because without your why and understanding how deep your desire is, you’re not going to do what it takes because this is not an easy thing. But you’re in this business for a reason in the first place. So, do you want it bad enough to get to where you want to go? Because it’s going to take something and it’s not a quick fix.”

Home builders encounter problems and setbacks daily, but for a business to reach new heights, those difficulties must be drastically reduced. Randy explains,

“Now, we have issues, roadblocks, and challenges literally every day in the building/remodeling world. Literally every day we’re dealing with issues, roadblocks, and challenges. But there are certain issues, roadblocks, and challenges that if we dealt with them if we could eliminate those from our business, and we can create systems and processes around eliminating those IRCs, that will take the business to the next level.”

Home builders who want different outcomes than they’ve previously had must be ready and willing to change. Randy says,

“This hamster wheel that we all tend to run on for too long will get us nowhere. And at the end of the day, if you want something more, if you want the next level in any way, shape, or form, doing the same things that you’ve been doing that hasn’t gotten you there, won’t get you there. So, we’ve got to slow down to speed up. Strategize and think differently about how we move forward and take the right bites of the elephant.”

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about how to take a home builder business to the next level.

About the Guest:

Randy Stanbury is a Serial Entrepreneur, 2-time #1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach, and Business Expert to the Home Building and Remodeling industry. He started his first business in 1995 which grew and scaled without him for the last 10 years after removing himself from the day-to-day in 2007, selling the business in 2017 for an industry high multiple.

Randy currently has stake and partnerships in 9 businesses across the US and Canada that include 7 in Custom Home Building, 1 Remodeling, and 1 Plumbing Business. He founded 4 Level Coach in 2019 to teach, coach, train, and advise other entrepreneurs in the space to do exactly what he has figured out during his 28 years as a serial entrepreneur. With a sole focus on growth and scalability with the ultimate goal of removing yourself from the day-to-day to create the Ultimate Freedom of Time & Money.