Podcast: High Flying Digital Marketing – Samantha Radloff

Samantha Radloff | Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Samantha Radloff of Hughston Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the importance of creating value for potential customers through digital marketing.

One of the major purposes of home builder digital marketing is to provide information to prospective buyers. Samantha says,

“We really just try to educate everyone through marketing.”

That information needs to benefit the targeted audience. Samantha explains,

“…we want to offer value with our marketing. We don’t want to just ping people with, look at this. Like, why do they want to look at it? Why do they want to know more? What solutions can we solve for them? How can we improve their lifestyle? How can we enhance everything for them? Why us?”

Prompts that ask individuals to take action are also key to a digital marketing strategy. Samantha says,

“So, call to actions are very important now. They were before, but pretty much every post now has a call to action…Like, pulling them in with something engaging, and then getting them down a rabbit hole, and then they have to find out more because we tell them through the marketing why they want to know more.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about ensuring that your digital marketing is delivering value.

About the Guest:

Innovative. Dynamic. Tenacious.

Gifted with an insatiable thirst for excellence and a desire to achieve the impossible, Samantha Radloff is blazing indelible stamps on the home building industry’s trail with Hughston Homes, THE Southeast’s premier home builder and brokerage who has been helping homeowners make their new home vision a reality for half a century.

Samantha graduated from Valdosta State University with her bachelor’s in English and minors in creative writing, journalism, and psychology without truly knowing what she would end up doing afterward. She dabbled in marketing while bartending throughout college, but her love and passion didn’t transpire until she realized its true power to change (and save) lives when she became heavily involved in the animal rescue networking world.

Fast forward 7 years and Samantha believes that marketing new home opportunities is not much different than marketing animals to save them; just one life improved by owning a new Hughston Home creates a never-ending wave of positive change and is one big reason she attributes to loving her job.  Additionally, she enjoys the fast-paced environment, ever-shifting priorities, and various challenges that the industry presents.

Samantha specializes in social media management, brand personality creation, online sales/CRM management, buzz-worthy content creation, unique organic reach, videography, and is a drone pilot! She has proven to be a highly productive leader and team player at Hughston Homes as the Chief of Marketing and Director of Inside Sales. Her ability to fuel and coach her direct reports up to optimal performance is evidenced by the leanness of Hughston’s marketing team of just three virtual employees and one Online Sales Counselor.

If she isn’t in the office, you can find her flying her drones, traveling, editing videos, painting, cooking, and enjoying the outdoors, all while hanging out with her 7-year-old son.