Podcast: High-Level Digital Marketing is an Art – Bradley Davis

Bradley Davis | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Bradley Davis of Woodbridge Pacific Group joins Greg and Kevin to discuss why high-level digital marketing is not just about looking at the data, it also involves creativity, skill, and listening to your gut.

Successful digital marketing requires analyzing the data. Bradley says,

“Certainly, we dive down granular and figure out, okay, this campaign’s not working, that campaign is, and we shift budgets accordingly, but really high-level, I don’t think it’s so much about measuring, looking at a report and letting you make a huge decision. It’s about figuring out what buyers are looking for, how to get them to sales in the smoothest way possible.”

Digital marketing also requires using insights and instincts. Bradley explains,

“I think really high-level stuff is not about numbers or data found on reports…marketing is also an art. There’s a lot of things that are just I’m running off of my gut, or like we feel like the market’s changing and so we need to invest in something new.

Perfection is not required for effective digital marketing. Bradley says,

“Sometimes we don’t nail it a hundred percent on the head, but that’s the nice thing about digital marketing is you can change up your message and imagery fairly quick, pretty easy.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about the art of digital marketing.

About the Guest:

Bradley Davis is the Marketing Director at Woodbridge Pacific Group (WPG), a home builder located in Orange County, California. He joined WPG in 2014 as Senior Marketing Coordinator and was promoted in 2016 to Marketing Manager, overseeing the company’s online presence, including its website, listing sites, and digital ad campaigns. In 2020, after managing the transition of WPG’s CRM system for the sales and marketing departments to Salesforce, he was promoted to Marketing Director to work more closely with the executive team and oversee all consumer-facing marketing communication and creative content. Bradley managed WPG’s corporate rebranding efforts in 2021, and coordinated WPG’s marketing for the builder’s first expansion outside California, in Boise, Idaho.

Bradley is a member of Professional Builder’s 40 under 40 class of 2022, and a graduate of California State University Fullerton, where he holds a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. His family includes Brittany, his wife of 4 years, and Kennedy, their newborn daughter.