Podcast: Home Builder Marketing and Millennials – Chelsey Keenan

Chelsey Keenan - home builders episode 126

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Chelsey Keenan of Group Two joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the benefits of utilizing the talents, skills, and abilities of millennials in marketing and how home builders can market more successfully to a younger generation of buyers.

Home builders need to do more in their marketing efforts to appeal to younger buyers. Chelsey explains,

“I don’t think we’re doing enough. I mean, we are doing all of this marketing too, and a lot of builders come at us and say, yeah, our millennial first-time home buyer is going to be a young family moving in. And I say, how old are they gonna be? And they’re like, oh yeah, 26, 27. What? You think at 26, 27, the majority of millennials are settling down and getting married and starting a family? We’re not. I mean, it’s been proven that we are now one of the largest demographics that is coming into the home buying industry, but we are getting married later. We are settling down later. We are having kids later.”

Young home buyers look very different than they did in earlier generations. Chelsey says,

“There’s still this traditional mindset of that first-time home buyer is a young family with a young baby and they’re young professionals and they’re coming into the market. There was a report, one of the largest growing home buyer demographics is first-time home buyers, single females.”

The bottom line is home builders should rethink traditional marketing methods and strategies with millennials and younger generations. Chelsey’s advice is,

“So, I think just our industry, breaking down the stereotype and breaking down the taboo and breaking down this stigma and having more fun with it is the first step in reaching this demographic who can’t afford the homes yet.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how millennials are shaping and changing digital marketing.

About the Guest:

Chelsey Keenan is the Digital Marketing Director at Group Two, a full-service advertising agency for homebuilders across the country.  Apart from overseeing and developing digital marketing media strategies for builders, Chelsey is a high-energy public speaker with experience as a presenter at The International Builders’ Show, Builder 20 group meetings, NAHB AMC 2019, and more. She was selected as one of the finalists for the NAHB Young Professional Award in 2019, and was selected to Professional Builder’s 40 Under 40 in 2020!