Podcast: Is It Time to Bulldoze Your Website? – Cory Dotson

Cory Dotson | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

Cory Dotson of Blue Tangerine joins Greg and Kevin on this week’s episode of The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast to explain how builders can identify if or when they need a new website. Cory also details the process of building a new website and what builders can expect during that journey.

Cory says that builders should ask themselves one simple question about their websites to see if it’s time to be remodeled or bulldozed…

“What is the website doing for me today? The website should be a tool and should be a very valuable resource for gaining leads and growing your business. I think a lot of companies if they would just start with that question of what does it do for me today, and if they can’t come up with anything good, then it’s time to figure out why.”

He also explains why a good plan is the foundation for a successful website project…

“We start all of our projects with a discovery project and that’s where all of the, what I refer to, that’s where the magic happens. We can go build it and all the magic happens over there, but without a solid plan of what we’re doing and understanding the needs the unique needs of an individual builder we’re just running off building a website. That discovery project is vital to the success and the efficiency of the development of the project as well.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn whether or not a new website could significantly benefit your builder business.

About the Guest:

Over the past 15 years, Cory has been involved in every aspect of the website development process. Starting in the industry as a designer and then transitioning into a developer position. Today as the Sr. Director of Web Development for Blue Tangerine, Cory oversees the development process from beginning to end. With all his experience being in the Home Building industry, Cory knows what it takes to plan, execute, and deliver an effective website in this unique industry.