Podcast: Is Your Content Running and Groovy? – Tess Wittler

Episode 94 - The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast - Is Your Content Running and Groovy? with Guest Tess Wittler

Tess Wittler, a home builder content marketing consultant, joins Greg and Kevin this week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast to discuss how content fits in a home builder’s marketing plan and where to focus your efforts.

Tess clarifies that content is,

“…about acquiring and engaging an audience and having them take a favorable action. So, content marketing, it’s this big mammoth of a word, but really when it comes down to it, it’s being helpful and useful to your audience and sharing those ideas and educating them, and then inspiring them as well.”

Tess explains that home builders have two pieces of digital real estate that they own,

“…your website and your email list, so let’s focus on there. Once we get those working, then we can start branching out. So, you think of your website as the hub of your content machine, if you will, and then you have all these spokes of the wheel, whether it’s your social media posts or your podcast interviews or your infographics or all those pieces, and you have those, but you want them all connected back to your website. In fact, that’s one of the big mistakes I see with home builders and remodelers is they post these beautiful pictures of their projects on Facebook or Instagram and that’s it. They don’t have a link back to their website. They don’t have some type of story or article on their website and it actually, theoretically, should be the reverse. So, you should be posting those stories on your website and then linking those out to Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn, and all those social media places.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how you can get your content running and groovy.

About the Guest:

Tess Wittler is a content marketing consultant for the home building industry. She offers “boutique-style” marketing for custom home builder and design/build remodeling firms.

She “fell into the construction industry” while working for a contractor in college, discovered her passion for the industry, and never left. Tess has written hundreds of pieces of content for construction professionals, trade-related associations and publications.

She serves on the NAHB Professional Women in Building Council’s Professional Development Subcommittee and is one of two PWB designees for the NAHB Ideas App Editorial Working Group.

She works with smaller custom home builders and remodeling firms and understands that the time they can dedicate to marketing is quite limited. Her goal is to help them generate and nurture leads with meaningful content, content that matters and will impact their business.