Podcast: Keeping Home Builder Digital Marketing Fresh – Kellie Little

Kellie Little of FieldStone Homes discusses keeping home builder marketing fresh on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast.

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Kellie Little of FieldStone Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how home builders can keep digital marketing fresh by learning and implementing new technology.

Humans are crucial when it comes to guiding, supporting, and educating home buyers. However, technology should also be an integral part of the home buying process. Kellie says,

“…there are a lot of buyers out there that need someone that they can ask questions to, they need a wise guide. They need to know that they have someone that they can go to, and they know you’re an expert, you will help them through this process. So, I actually think that there’s a real need for people, but I think there’s a real need for technology and that we need to know the right time for the right solution within the home buying process as well as once they’re under contract and past closing.”

Because digital tools are becoming increasingly essential when purchasing a home, home builder digital marketers should constantly educate themselves on new technology. Kellie explains,

“But I think the interesting thing about being in IT is that what you do isn’t just what’s on the market right now, but it’s an overall awareness of emerging technology and learning how to incorporate that into your business. So, sometimes we see technology just in the moment, but it’s really a much bigger picture than that, how you’re going to use new and emerging technology to benefit your marketing strategy and get to more home buyers to increase your effective use of dollars.”

Home builder digital marketing can be challenging, but it is important to keep strategies relevant with new technology. Kellie says,

“…the market can be difficult sometimes, but I think the key to marketing is just to keep it fresh. Let’s have a little bit of fun here, but we’re here to provide real solutions for real home buyers. It’s a great place for us to be where we get to tell these fun stories and share the opportunity to have a new home.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how new technology can improve home builder digital marketing efforts.

About the Guest:

Kellie Little is a passionate sales and marketing guru in the Utah market with over 30 years of experience. As a professional sales and marketing strategist, her insights are key to unlocking success in the Utah real estate market.

She joined the amazing team at FieldStone Homes as the VP of Marketing in 2020. She is thrilled to promote such a successful brand and culture. FieldStone Homes is known for their award-winning building solutions for all types of home buyers in awesome communities across the Wasatch Front.

Kellie founded the marketing agency Zebra Herds and offered solid strategies to help Utah companies, including local home builders, promote their message in a better and more powerful way.

As the VP of marketing for EDGEHomes, Kellie led a team to grow the company from 280 home sales her first year to over 1100 homes within five years. EDGEhomes was recognized as the fastest-growing home builder in the U.S. prior to the sale of the company.

Kellie is an expert in both sales and marketing which played into the success of her brokerage CapStone Real Estate. She and her husband, Lerron, founded CapStone Real Estate to represent home builders in Utah in 2000. Their teams sold thousands of homes and were known as the local experts in all things new construction. Kellie realized her strength in marketing was the key to selling so she played a dual role. Kellie and Lerron loved working together and were recognized together as “Realtor of the Year” by The Utah County Association of Realtors in 2004.

Kellie is also committed to community service and has served as the UVU Wolverine Club President, BYU Cougar House Board Member, Board Member of the Utah County Association of Realtors, Utah Association Chairperson and Freedom Festival Balloon Committee among many other exciting endeavors.