Podcast: Looking Ahead to 2024 – Tim Curtis and Erik Martinez

Hosts Erik Martinez and Tim Curtis discuss business trends for 2024 on the Digital Velocity Podcast.

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Tim and Erik discuss important business trends for 2024 including economic stability, AI tools and education, and content creation.

The new year will bring many business opportunities and challenges which can also seem overwhelming and confusing. Erik says,

“You really just need to start small. Try something, improve upon it, build it into your process, and then try the next thing. Keep in mind, folks, that the tools that are coming out today will be dramatically different in a year from now. The expansion of the capabilities of these tools is growing every single day. And so, that can’t be the limiting factor in your decision of what tools to try. Try what’s on the market today. See which ones work. In a year, reevaluate, try some different tools, and see if they do better. Because if you don’t start, you’re going to be rapidly behind the companies and your competitors that do start.”

Preparation and planning can help brands navigate times of uncertainty can change. Tim says,

“The name of the game is clarity. Clarity is the market’s option for stability, right? It’s that oxygen that feeds the market. If clarity is not there, it makes everything nervous. But in the meantime…focus on what you can focus on and be prepared for a rainy day. But continue to move your business along, lean into innovation. Control the things you can control and don’t worry too much about the things you can’t.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about what’s ahead for businesses in 2024.