Podcast: Making Analytics Cool Again – Mila Sorenson

Episode 96 - The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast - Making Analytics Cool Again - Guest Mila Sorenson

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Mila Sorenson of Blue Tangerine joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the ins and outs of analytics and why analytics should be an essential part of every digital marketing strategy.

Mila says,

“I think reporting is key to know how your marketing programs are working or not working, and so it does need to be one of the key things that you look at, and look at regularly, and I think that’s sometimes missed … and then making an action plan to correct or course-correct on anything that’s not working as well as you’d like them to.”

Home builders often take a myopic view of analytics and only focus on traffic, but it’s imperative to consider much more than that.

“I think the first mistake is just looking at traffic. Just looking at how many people came to the website. Like I mentioned earlier, if you have a paid search ad or a banner ad somewhere and you’re driving a ton of traffic to the website, but they don’t do anything on the website, they just come to the website and they bounce, it’s not relevant traffic. You’re just paying for a bunch of people to visit your site and not take any action. So, that’s probably the first mistake that I see is builders get really caught up on what’s my traffic. They want to see that trend line going up, but you have to look at that in conjunction with other metrics to know if that’s relevant traffic that you really want.”

Listen this week to learn valuable tips and advice about how to use analytics in your digital marketing strategy.