Podcast: Making Your Brand Experience Gold – Melissa Galland

Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 84 - Making Your Brand Experience Gold

In this week’s episode of The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Melissa Galland of Ginn Group strikes gold when she joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the key elements of home builder brand experience.

Melissa shares that brand experience starts with the hiring process and employees.

Everyone start with your team. That is number one. Start with a survey of your team members. Step back and look what the employee experience is like, because you can hire people, you can spend a lot of money to fix customer experience, but if your team isn’t happy, if they aren’t feeling empowered and inspired, they’re not going to deliver. People can do it for a dollar for only so long.

If you are looking to make your home builder brand experience gold, don’t miss out on this episode with Melissa.

About the Guest:

Melissa Galland is a leader of brand and revenue strategies within the new home construction and real estate industry. Over the past twenty-plus years, Melissa has had the privilege of driving results as an agency consultant for various builders before going in-house with Lennar, Adair Homes, and now Ginn Group as the Director of Brand Strategy and Experience.

With a deep-rooted passion for the industry and homeownership, Melissa is currently the Co-Chair for the Portland Metropolitan PWB, a board member for the HBA’s Home Builders Foundation, and the BIA’s Building Futures Foundation scholarship committee. Additionally, as part of her role at Ginn Group, Melissa will work with Ginn Gives on impacting the affordability crisis.