Podcast: Maximizing Sales Potential and Brand Awareness – Mike Begg

Mike Begg

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Mike Begg of AMZ Advisers joins Tim and Erik to discuss how E-commerce businesses can maximize sales potential and brand awareness on various platforms.

There is still ample opportunity to leverage platforms like Amazon to launch products and grow businesses. Mike says,

“Obviously, E-commerce is continuing to grow, but as a percentage of retail sales in the US, it’s still a relatively low number. It’s only about, I think, 15, 16 percent right now, which means there’s still a ton of sales that are happening in stores, that are happening in physical retail. So, E-commerce is still kind of at the early stages. So, there’s going to be more and more opportunities to continue to sell products online.”

However, selling on platforms such as Amazon has become much more challenging. Mike explains,

“…initially, it was easy for sellers to get in there…Now it’s getting more and more difficult. You have to find more and more niches where you can launch products if you’re building brands yourself. So, when it comes to the ability of brands, or like disruptor brands, we’ll call them, of launching and stealing market share, it’s becoming harder and harder…”

Amazon will continue to play a significant role in how brands acquire customers and sales online. Mike says,

“When it comes to E-commerce as a whole…it’s not going to be anymore, how do I compete against Amazon, it’s how do I leverage Amazon to help all my other sales channels? And that’s going to be a big puzzle for a lot of people to figure out, and it’s something we’re already trying to solve.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to use Amazon and other platforms to grow your business and brand.

About the Guest:

Mike Begg is an entrepreneur and expert in eCommerce and digital marketing. Mike co-founded AMZ Advisers with his two partners in 2015, which has generated over half a billion in sales for its clients. Mike and the AMZ team also operate AMZ Courses, educating Amazon sellers on how to maximize sales on the platform, and GoAvance, which helps brands expand into Latin America. Mike loves sharing advice and help on anything related to Amazon and building efficient businesses.