Podcast: Navigating the Buy Online Experience – Kevin Oakley

Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast Episode 78

Join Greg Bray and Kevin Weitzel for this week’s episode of the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, featuring Kevin Oakley from Do You Convert. They discuss a wide variety of topics, including tips and tricks to navigate the online home buying experience. If you want to sell homes on your website, this is the episode to listen to.

About our guest:

Kevin Oakley is the Managing Partner at Do You Convert and has over 17 years of experience in new home marketing. While working as a builder, he was intimately involved with the development, marketing, and sale of over two billion new homes across Ohio & Pennsylvania.

He is also the author of Presale Without Fail: The Secret to Launching New Communities with Maximum Results. He is also Contributing Editor for Professional Builder Magazine, and the host of the Market Proof Marketing podcast.