Podcast: New Home Pricing Made Easy – Betsy Feldmann

Betsy Feldmann | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Betsy Feldmann of PRICE BLD-R and First Story Marketing joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how builders can make the new home buying journey simpler with more transparent pricing.

Buying a new home and shopping for one is a very difficult process. Pricing makes it all the more challenging. Betsy says,

“…resale homes are easy, right? You can see the photos. There’s a virtual tour. You know exactly how much it’s going to cost.”

Betsy continues,

“When you go to a builder’s website and there’s all these plans and there’s, you know, an interactive lot map. So, you could see the lots, but you can’t tell how much that’s going to be, and it’s like a “from price.” It’s just very complex.”

Home builders need to evaluate their processes to make them easier for the customer. Betsy says,

“…think about how time for most people, it’s their most important asset. So, how do you save them time? How do you make it easy? I think the builders that are doing that are going to really win a lot of market share in the coming years.“

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how clearer pricing options can make new home buying easier.

About the Guest:

Betsy Feldmann is a Co-Founder of PRICE BLD-R, a brand-new technology that allows home shoppers to virtually “build & price” new homes by guiding them through an easy step-by-step wizard to personalize and price estimate a builder’s floorplans in real-time, right from their website.

PRICE BLD-R was born out of Betsy, and husband/business partner Mark’s, 25+ years of new home marketing experience, including the past 16 years spent running First Story Marketing, a new home marketing firm based in Centennial, Colorado.

Betsy is singularly-focused on bridging the gap between builders and buyers because she truly believes that there isn’t anything better than a happy homeowner in a brand-new home.