Podcast: Product Is Not What Makes the Difference – Maurie Jones

Episode 95 - The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast - Product Is Not What Makes the Difference - with Guest Maurie Jones

Maurie Jones of Wayne Homes joins Greg and Kevin this week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing podcast to discuss why home builders should be focusing on so much more than just their finished product.

Maurie explains that

“…a lot of builders still just focus on product, and this is what people are buying.  Every builder uses the same sticks and bricks, as my old owner used to say to me, and it’s what you do after those sticks and bricks that makes you different. So, if you’re in the marketing department with the builder, what makes you different? It’s not the product. Is it your people? Is it the experience you provide?”

Maurie says that customers expect much more than they used to. She describes buyers as being

“…much more educated now. They know more because they can just get online and find out what they want. They see a product and they can Google it and find out everything they want about that product, and then come in and tell the salesperson who might not know about that product, because maybe it’s something we don’t offer. Any salesperson now in home building has to be really quick on their feet to be able to pivot and address what that prospect is talking about when they walk in the door. That’s been a big change for us to have to get used to. They’re much more intelligent. They know what they want.”

Listen to this week’s episode to understand what home builders should be focusing on as part of their digital strategy and why.

About the Guest:

Maurie Jones started at Wayne Homes 35 years ago as a Girl Friday. She is now the Senior Vice President of Marketing. Wayne Homes is a custom, on-your-lot home builder. Their customer satisfaction rating is among the best in the industry, and they are one of a handful of builders in the entire country to win the National Housing Quality award.