Podcast: Providing an Excellent Homebuyer Experience – Derek Schairer and Luke Groesbeck

Derek Schairer and Luke Groesbeck

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Derek Schairer and Luke Groesbeck of Foundation join Greg and Kevin to discuss how to provide an excellent homebuyer experience that creates happier homeowners and more efficient and profitable home builder teams.

Customers expect more throughout the homebuyer journey than they are currently getting, and home builders need to change their perception on what that means for their brand.  Derek explains,

“So, I think the ideal homebuyer experience from the customer’s perspective, is one where they feel informed, educated, and empowered throughout the experience. Not only does this mean during the construction process, but also into home ownership while they own their home. That’s one thing that the industry has left behind a little bit is that these aren’t just buyers, but they ultimately become homeowners…the industry has tended to look at these homeowners as a warranty liability and really not the asset for their brand and business that they should be.”

Establishing a more successful home builder business starts with happier homebuyers, and happier homebuyers are created by having better customer experiences. Luke says,

“So, yes, you’ve been running your business this way for a long time, and your business is doing fine, but happier customers are better customers. And so, if you want a better business, think about customer experience. It’s not just a cost center. It’s not just a line item. It’s not superfluous. Again, if you want a better business, a way to get there is with happier customers.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to improve the homebuyer experience.

About the Guests:


With over 15 years in the homebuilding, Derek began his career in sales and marketing at Lennar before venturing into PropTech. At Opendoor, he successfully built and led the company’s multi-billion dollar homebuilder partnerships business.  He started Foundation to continue his pursuit and passion of helping the industry.


Luke has spent his career starting & growing venture-backed startups. He’s helped scale products to tens of millions of users and billions of dollars in revenue as a founder, PM, and product executive at companies like Foundation, Opendoor, True Link, and Eventbrite.