Podcast: Relocation Tools for Builders and Buyers – Brenda Keo

Brenda Keo of Utility Connect on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Brenda Keo of Utility Connect joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how home builders can elevate their customer experience by connecting home buyers to relocation services throughout their whole journey.

The most important thing a home builder can relay to a customer is that they will be taken care of throughout the entire home buying process and beyond. Brenda says,

“…I think just building that relationship at the very beginning and letting them know that I’ve got you from the foundation all the way into the door type of service. Right? It’s a stressful beginning, it’s a stressful journey. But letting them know that you’ve got them from beginning to end until they move into their home, even after they’re in their home.”

Many valuable resources can help home builders communicate that message to their home buyers. Brenda explains,

“…there are resources out there, take advantage of them. There’s just so much I think that we just don’t know that is out there. I feel like you’re presented with so many options nowadays and everything takes time. Everything takes a lot of time. And so, I’m in the mindset of getting time back. I’ve got eight hours of work. I’ve got 12 hours of free time, whatever it is, and so if there’s anything that you could actually spend time to yourself and get that back, use these resources.”

Services that improve customer experience will also elevate a home builder’s brand. Brenda says,

“So, that’s why I think home builders really have a great way to build a relationship with their clients because they can really use our services to stay in touch with them, even after they move in. That way they can have that home buyer just be, Hey, like I worked with this home builder. They’ve literally made it a breeze for me from the moment I met with them to picking the house, to building it, to getting in.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how moving services can help connect home builders to customers.

About the Guest:

As the National Account Manager at Utility Connect, Brenda oversees all accounts, delivers exceptional service, and fosters strong relationships with our partners. Leveraging her organizational skills from her medical field background, she ensures seamless onboarding and utmost client satisfaction for Utility Connect’s partners. After onboarding each account, Brenda offers comprehensive training and actively shares the company’s best practices and industry knowledge. Feel free to connect with Brenda for any inquiries or to discuss further information about Utility Connect’s services. She is always delighted to assist and provide the support you need!