Podcast: Eliminating Home Buyer Uncertainty – Alex Toth and Shannon McMahon

Alex Toth and Shannon McMahon of Opendoor on the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Alex Toth and Shannon McMahon from Opendoor join Greg and Kevin to discuss how home builders can eliminate uncertainty from the home buyer customer experience while still selling homes more quickly.

There are several steps many home buyers must complete before purchasing a new home. Alex explains,

“…there’s really three things that a customer has to get done before they can transact. One, they have to find a new construction home that they like, two, they have to be able to get qualified, and then three, they have to be able to sell their current home. So, a lot of times when a customer walks into that sales center, they probably haven’t started the process of selling their current home.”

One of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of buying a new construction home is having to first sell your current home. Alex says,

“This is really for every type of new construction home buyer. When you just think about the process of listing and all the things that go on before that, having to make repairs, having to get your home show ready, painting, renovating, cleaning, doing all of that. It’s a pretty disruptive process to your day-to-day life.”

Opendoor offers home buyers the ability to sell their existing home while also securing the new home purchase. Shannon explains,

“So, we’re really here to help builders sell more homes and provide a really amazing experience for their customers that have a home to sell. So, what we do is customers can come to Opendoor, request an offer, complete a free virtual home assessment. And once they go into contract with Opendoor, we allow them to stay in escrow in their current home all the way up until their new home is built. And then we provide three free days of what we call late checkout, allowing them to have a really simple and seamless move from their old home into their new home.”

The transaction between a builder and a new home buyer can often be hectic and challenging for both sides. However, Opendoor can take much of the uncertainty and difficulty out of the process. Shannon says,

“We really want to take this partnership stance that we’re there to help support our builder partners and their customers in any way that we can. This is a really stressful transaction and likely the biggest transaction someone will ever have. We want both the builders and the customers to feel like they’re in good hands, they trust us, and we’re here.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to sell homes faster while still delivering an easy, and flexible customer experience.

About the Guests:

Alex Toth

Throughout his 6+ years at Opendoor, Alex has focused on transforming the customer experience for new construction home customers and professionals alike. Since 2017 he has helped fuel over $6 billion in new home sales for Opendoor’s home builder partners, which include 8 of the top 10 national builders, as well as local builders throughout the country. He was Opendoor’s first employee focused on the new construction space, and now leads a team of over 25 sales, business operations, marketing, and engineering professionals nationwide. Last year, Alex was named as one of ProBuilder’s 40 Under 40.

Shannon McMahon

In her nearly 5 years at Opendoor, Shannon has risen the ranks of Opendoor’s Homebuilder Partnership Program. From a Partner Manager helping leading builders and sales associates nationwide utilize Opendoor’s services, to a Strategic PM where she solely managed and grew the Lennar partnership by developing best practices, co-marketing, and new products, to now serving as a Sr. Manager of Partner Growth. Shannon currently focuses on big-picture strategy to help streamline and elevate multiple national builder relationships. Shannon exclusively manages top-tier partnerships with builders, such as Lennar and Pulte.