Podcast: Shake Up Your Digital Marketing Team – Lindsay Haltom

Shake Up Your Digital Marketing Team - The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast- Lindsay Haltom

Join us this week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast when Greg and Kevin talk to Lindsay Haltom of Homes by Taber about shaking up your digital marketing team with the right tools, processes, and technologies that will be both useful to your team and beneficial to your customers.

When bringing new ideas to a marketing team, Lindsay says, “…I think whenever it comes to implementing new technologies, you obviously, are spending probably a lot of money. You always have really great intentions, and you always see this eye on the prize because you’ve probably sat through 30 demos and you’re like, oh my God, this is so cool, right? The whole implementation of it can be a different story. The whole buy-in from the rest of the team can be a different story, the whole getting your team to use something, and that can be anything. I know we talk about CRMs a lot, but it can be anything. Really, kind of get people wrapping around the why is a challenge.”

It is so important to make sure the new tools and technologies that you’re trying to apply are useful and applicable. She continues, “…it really is important that we make sure that it really is a tool, if it’s for our in-house teams, it really needs to be a tool that truly is going to add benefit to their lives and not just add more tasks for them.”

Listen to this episode and learn more about how you can shake up your home builder digital marketing team.

About the Guest:

Lindsay Haltom’s career success has been driven by her curiosity, creativity, and problem-solving talents. As Director of Marketing for the fastest growing home builder in Oklahoma, she has cultivated a powerful team of like-minded professionals. In 2020, she was awarded the National Association of Home Builders’ prestigious Young Professionals Award (Forty under 40), happily joining many of her colleagues she’s looked up to in the building industry.

When she joined Homes by Taber in 2015, Lindsay was a one-person marketing department. She guided the development of the company’s website and built the digital marketing program from scratch. Shortly after, Lindsay initiated the Online Sales Program for Homes by Taber, recruiting and training the first team member and implementing the CRM program. Today, the company’s Online Sales Counselors account for over half of the company’s sales. The Marketing team has also grown, with Lindsay supervising a team of busy and equally motivated professionals.

In her 17-year (so far) career as a marketing professional, Lindsay has proven herself to be a strong leader, an innovator, and a person who embraces growth and learning opportunities, for herself and the people around her.

Lindsay earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from The University of Texas Permian Basin. She knew during her first marketing course she had discovered her passion and profession.