Podcast: The Benefits of Outsourcing Digital Marketing – Mindy Lepp

Mindy Lepp

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Mindy Lepp of LEPPDESIGN joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the benefits of outsourcing home builder digital marketing.

Home builders who adapt towards digital marketing advancements will position themselves to capture more homebuyer leads. Mindy says,

“There’s so many things, not only in the building industry but also in marketing that are just constantly changing. And just a year ago when you think of AI before it came out to now. So, if you are not keeping up, you are going to lose because someone else is going to keep up and they’re going to take away those potential customers.”

When a home builder gets to a point where they can no longer keep up with digital marketing, they should find resources to assist. Mindy explains,

“I would definitely look at outsourcing it because there comes a time in your business where you realize, okay, I’ve grown enough to a point where I need professional marketing help. It does not make sense for me as either the owner of the company or maybe the admin person or the secretary, whoever it is, adding that to their plate when they don’t even have the expertise for it.”

It can be overwhelming to make digital marketing strategy changes, but reaching out to agencies and resources can help ease the transition. Mindy says,

“Don’t be scared to take the leap of faith. I know it’s such a hard point when you are in that sort of awkward position that we’ve been talking about where you’re like I need marketing help, I’ve been doing it myself, I need someone to really take a look at it and I don’t know where to turn….but take that leap of faith. You will be happy that you did and that you freed up all of those hours of your time that you have spent for so long trying to do it on your own.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how home builders can take advantage of digital marketing resources.

About the Guest:

Mindy Lepp is the Marketing Director for LEPPDESIGN, a full-service design and marketing firm based in St. Augustine, FL, but serving clients all over the country. Mindy and her husband Eddie run the company together and offer remote ongoing marketing services (Social Media Management, Website Management, Print Marketing, etc) with a special niche in the building industry.

Mindy is an active member of her local HBA, served as PWB 2022 Chair for Jacksonville, FL, is currently 2024 Chair of the NAHB PWB Professional Development Subcommittee, and NAHB PWB Trustee 2023-present. Mindy was also listed as one of the top 10 “People to Watch” in Jacksonville by the Jacksonville Business Journal in 2022.