Podcast: The Keys to Social Media Marketing – Gina Stango

Gina Stango | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast episode 127

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Gina Stango of Berks Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss the advantages of making social media a key component in home buyer marketing.

In this digital age, home builders cannot ignore the significance of social media presence. Gina says,

“We’re just constantly out there. We’re not selling anything. We’re just showing. We’re showing models. We’re showing people. We’re showing just cool visual things.”

Analytics will show whether engagement increases as a result of social media marketing. Gina explains,

“And then of course, from the backend, from our analytics, we’re seeing more time on site. We’re seeing engagement from different places. We’re actually getting calls. Now people will call and say, hey, I saw you on Instagram, or hey, I saw you on TikTok. We see the social media creeping in more and more, and the visuals that people just wanna see it.”

Ultimately, the reaction from buyers is proof that using social media in marketing is effective. Gina says,

“Well, buyers love it. It’s already a really exciting time for them. So, if we are taking photos and they’re excited and they’re walking through the house and we’re taking pictures and we post it online, they just want all their friends and family to know too. So, what happens is they share all that information. Which is wonderful because we’re not pushing a particular product. We’re just pushing that whole feeling and that vibe and that experience, and that’s what we really wanna get out there. So, when they reshare, it’s like, this is so cool. I have the warm and fuzzies. That’s the goal that we’re going for.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about using social media to enhance marketing efforts.

About the Guest:

Gina Stango is the Marketing Director for Berks Homes in Pennsylvania. Currently based out of the home office in Mohnton, she leads a team of marketing professionals currently focused on driving consumer traffic while preparing for an expansive growth plan for the organization.

With over 10 years experience in new construction, Gina has seen the market shift in many directions and has learned to adapt to every scenario. She understands the evolution of marketing and keeps her pulse on the market.

Gina believes communication is key and values what every member of her team brings to the table to brand and promote Berks Homes. Whether it be engaging new prospects from Lasso drip campaigns, organizing events, pushing the latest trends in reels, or targeting ad placement, she focuses on consumer engagement and reaction to create front of mind awareness and drive traffic to their website and Online Sales Coordinator.

Berks Homes prides itself on quality craftsmanship with a wide array of options for first-time homebuyers, as well as for those ready to upgrade to the next level of homeownership. They build new homes in some of the most desirable communities in and around Eastern PA, including Berks County, Chester County, Lancaster County, Lebanon County, Harrisburg, Hershey, State College and more.

Berks Homes Core Values (Be Helpful, Humble, Aware & Driven) play a huge part in how the team operates and engages with customers. Their Mission and Vision is clearly expressed in all of their digital, social media and print advertising. Every member of the organization is committed to the Mission and Vision which are to create lasting relationships by earning the trust of those they serve and be a major league player in minor league markets.