Podcast: The Long-term Value of SEO – Gert Mellak

Gert Mellak | Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Gert Mellak of SEO Leverate joins Erik and Tim to discuss the long-term value that meaningful SEO results can bring to a company.

A quality SEO strategy begins with understanding what your traffic is worth. Gert says,

“You can have thousands of visitors, if they don’t convert, if they don’t do what you expect them to do, they fill in a form, they request a proposal, they download a catalog, they at least click on your about page, your contact page to figure out who you are and where you located, you really don’t know what the traffic is worth.”

The amount of traffic a website generates is trivial compared to conversions. Conversions are what is important. Gert says,

“So, we try to raise a lot of awareness with SEO around what actually matters, which is conversions. It’s not traffic. Sometimes it’s even healthy for a site to take off a huge portion of the traffic if it’s useless and irrelevant.”

Knowing customers’ needs and creating an SEO experience that fulfills those needs is the key to conversion. Gert says,

“So, we really need to see what is the traffic worth across the different channels, get those conversions, and now we have a completely different discussion. It’s not about how can we get a hundred thousand visitors anymore. It’s about how can I make sure that these key content pieces that I know drive the right audience in actually get exposure and actually get conversions.”

Effective SEO takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and patience. Companies need to understand that SEO is a long-term investment. Gert explains,

“Obviously, SEO is a long game…”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about creating SEO that produces long-term benefits.

About the Guest:

Gert is the Founder of SEO Leverage, a team of 30 people that helps businesses grow through SEO.

Gert has been doing SEO for 20+ years, almost as long as SEO has been a thing. He is also the author of The ERICA Framework: Your Answer to the Toughest SEO Challenges, which outlines the formula for achieving a high SEO Return on Investment.