Podcast: The Purpose is the People in Home Building – Taylor Burtner

Taylor Burtner | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

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This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Taylor Burtner of Manuel Builders joins Greg and Kevin to discuss why the fundamental purpose of home building is about connecting with people and impacting their lives through home ownership.

Having a good Return on Investment is important to any home builder, but there are unique ways to determine what a successful ROI is. Taylor explains,

“I think you gotta look at ROI two different ways, right? So, there’s a quantifiable dollar amount that you can look at on ROI. That’s the return from a business standpoint, but there’s a return from who we are and what we do. That’s a whole different thing. I would agree with you to that level is that you can make a financial impact in one area from a business standpoint, but when you make an impact on people’s lives.”

The main motivation for home builders should not just be on selling homes, but on positively affecting people’s lives. Taylor says,

“That’s kind of the whole focus of our sales team is you’re not selling houses, you’re literally changing people’s lives whenever you meet with them. It’s not about getting people into their next home. It’s about getting people into the home that they’re gonna bring their first kid home in, or it’s meeting with somebody that this is the last home that these people are ever gonna live in. It’s about what we can do to better somebody’s life, not just selling them a house.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about the value of putting people first when selling homes.

About the Guest:

Taylor is the Sales and Marketing Director at Manuel Homes. He has been part of almost every stage of the new home building industry, from electrical work to a superintendent, the warranty department, to sales, and now leadership. He knows from experience all about what works and what doesn’t, and now focuses on building the best client experience possible alongside an amazing team.