Podcast: Understanding Houzz for Home Builders – Liza Hausman

Liza Hausman | Houzz

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Liza Hausman from Houzz joins Greg and Kevin to explain the purposes of Houzz and the many tools it has for home builders.

Liza describes why people come to Houzz. She says,

“On the consumer side, people find design inspiration. They come to find and hire professionals to help them with their construction or design projects. Also, we have an Ecommerce side of the business and they come to shop for products and materials to complete their projects. Both pros and homeowners come to find products.”

“The other side of this community is the professional side, and pros come because we have an all-in-one solution that really helps them not just market their business but end-to-end manage their business and projects and client collaboration with the goal of, not only getting in touch with more potential clients, but winning more business, running their business more efficiently, and just providing a great experience overall.”

Listen to this episode to learn how easy it is on Houzz to not only increase your online presence but also how Houzz can help support home builders through the entire home buying process.

About the Guest:

Liza Hausman is Vice President of Industry Marketing at Houzz, an innovative residential building and design platform and community. Houzz has transformed the process of home remodeling and design by applying mobile, visual, and other technologies that are driving design in today’s digital age. Ms. Hausman is a frequent speaker at industry events across the country, from High Point Market to IBS/KBIS to the AIA annual convention. In her role at Houzz, Ms. Hausman is focused exclusively on the trade community, from remodelers, architects, interior designers, and luxury builders to brands and manufacturers.

Ms. Hausman has experience spanning advertising, consulting, marketing and social strategy for Fortune 500 brands and a host of innovative startups and shares her expertise on topics ranging from brand-building to the economic and structural trends that are changing the home design and construction industries. Liza graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and earned her MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. During her many years at Houzz, she’s brought in architects as well as interior and landscape designers to create a special home for herself and her husband, two children and dog Suki in Palo Alto, California.