Podcast: Using AI to Predict Home Buyer Behavior – Will Zhang

Will Zhang

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Will Zhang of OpenHouse.ai joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how home builders can use artificial intelligence tools to better understand and predict home buyer behavior.

The home building industry is unpredictable, so insights into potential trends can be instrumental in helping home builders determine effective strategies. Will says,

“Home building is a very, very, very fascinating industry, but there’s a lot of risk-taking the home builder has to take. You have your construction capacity you have to consider. You have to really do a lot of forward planning.”

Artificial intelligence tools can forecast future home buying tendencies based on present home buyer activity. Will says,

“… a different approach to do it is that by simply looking at what customers look at right now, then we can actually make a prediction about what’s happening in the three to six months. It’s a simple idea. Because what people are looking at right now is actually what they will buy in three to six months.”

AI focused on home builders will make home builder digital marketing and sales teams more effective and successful. Will explains,

“Very quickly, probably in the next six to 12 months everything will have some kind of AI and everything will be branded with some kind of AI…how is it relevant to my job? I think AI is just a tool and they’re going to enhance the tools that I already have. So, it’s almost like in the past, I need to use a piece of paper to do the calculation and if I need to take a square root of 3 million so it is 1, 2, 3, 4 going to be difficult, but today I can just pull out the calculator to do it. So, I think AI would be a similar concept. It’s just actually going to help you to do your job better.”

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about how AI can help home builders foresee potential home buying tendencies.

About the Guest:

As CEO of OpenHouse.ai, Will pioneers the home building industry’s transformation through advanced AI solutions, democratizing data-driven decisions for home builders and land developers. Under his leadership, OpenHouse.ai empowers production home builders to adeptly manage demand fluctuations, streamline sales and construction processes, and optimize resource allocation.

With an extensive 17-year technology research and development background, Will is a highly-regarded expert in AI, Operations Research, and Software Engineering. Demonstrating exceptional adaptability and a comprehensive understanding of the industry, he held various executive positions in public and private organizations throughout Europe and North America. Will received his Master of Engineering from Université Grenoble Alpes in France and his Master’s degree in Business from NYU Stern School of Business.