Podcast: Using the Whole Buffalo in Digital Marketing – Mark Hirschfeld

Mark Hirschfeld | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Mark Hirschfeld of Maronda Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss repurposing digital marketing content to expand audience reach.

Making sure that digital marketing content has multiple opportunities to be used is a great way to leverage marketing investments. Mark says,

“I always like to say, I want to use every part of the Buffalo. So, let’s make one piece of content. How can we cut it a hundred different ways? How can we use it over and over again and be resourceful since time and budget are both a big factor for what we’re trying to do?”

When marketing content is repurposed it must still provide benefit to the consumer. Mark explains,

“…for the most part, it’s how are we providing any sort of value to the customer in the content we’re providing. Again, back to like using every part of the Buffalo. So, every time we have a new article come out, how can we make sure that’s recycled and resourced, and then we’re constantly assessing again, what is the goal? Are we looking for likes and saves, or are we actually looking for traffic to those articles that’s providing value to those customers? To me, that’s much more important than how many likes or favorites the post has.”

There are ways to determine if marketing content is effective for consumers. Mark says,

“…we would wanna make sure that we have content that is, as I say, evergreen, and providing value across the board. Can we use it again? Can people go back and save it and reference it another time? Or are we gonna update it with more information about our build times or our vendor partners or our available selections and options? Those to me, I think, are really what move the needle for what people look and value and not so much the stuff that, you know, is happening right this second…”

Listen to this week’s podcast to learn more about using digital marketing content in multiple ways.

About the Guest:

Mark R. Hirschfeld is the Director of Digital Marketing at Maronda Homes, a family-owned new home construction company that’s been building for 50 years in markets all over PA, OH, FL, KY, GA, AL, and VA. Apart from overseeing and developing digital marketing media strategies for Maronda Homes and its sister brand Focus Homes, Mark also oversees the Online Concierge team; Mark led the development of the new immersive Maronda Homes website in 2021; launched the Maronda Homes 50th anniversary marketing campaign; organized a recent Festival of Homes event with an expanded digital experience as a member of the executive committee of the Builders Association of Metropolitan Pittsburgh, and was selected to ProBuilder Media’s Forty Under 40 in 2022!