Podcast: Utilizing Content Marketing Effectively – Sarah Block

Sarah Block - Home Builder Episode 115

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Sarah Noel Block of Tiny Marketing joins Greg and Kevin to discuss utilizing content marketing effectively and efficiently.

Sarah explains that content marketing is,

“…educating. It’s being the teacher, the mentor for your customer, and making them the hero. They have a problem that they need solved and that’s why they’re going to Google and they’re saying, hey, how do I solve this problem? Unless you’re educating them and teaching them how to, they’re not going to find you. So, that’s what content marketing is to me is providing that free value, educating them, teaching them how to solve their problems.”

There must be a multifaceted focus when it comes to content marketing. Sarah says,

“It really cannot be one medium approach. People learn in different ways. This is what I’m talking about when I say I consider it education-based marketing. Everybody has a different learning style and not everyone absorbs information through the written word. So, you need to create that multimedia approach and you can do it with a small team. You just have to repurpose.”

Sarah continues,

“You can create so many different pieces of content with one true core piece of content.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to successfully employ content marketing in your business strategy.

About the Guest:

Sarah Noel Block is the founder of Tiny Marketing, where she supports small B2B marketing departments by increasing their know, like, trust factor by batch-creating one month of their content marketing, social media posts, and email marketing in one week. She’s been leading small marketing departments for 15 years and uses her time-tested systems to create educational and trust-building content more efficiently.