The Best Home Builder Sales And Marketing Podcasts

Have you started listening to podcasts yet? 

With podcasts becoming an increasingly popular way to consume information and content, you can find a wide variety covering almost every topic imaginable. “In 2020, for the first time, a larger percentage of American consumers listened to podcasts weekly than attended church or religious services weekly: 24% to 23%. 68 million Americans are weekly podcast listeners.”  Not only are podcasts a great source of entertainment, they are an excellent way to expand your knowledge on almost any niche subject. 

We gathered some of the best home builder sales and marketing podcasts to showcase the information and growth that you can obtain. All the podcasts below are hosted by sales and marketing experts who have found their niche in the home building industry.

The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

HBDMP blog

With over 90% of today’s home buyers starting their buyer journey online, it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest digital marketing news and trends. Host Greg Bray, of Blue Tangerine, and Kevin Weitzel, of Outhouse, share their wealth of home builder online marketing experience.  The two talk with industry experts and your fellow home builder marketers so you can learn how to succeed in digital world. Listen each week as they interview new guests and challenge you to push your digital marketing results to new heights.


Building Perspective

Join Matt Riley, Mollie Elkman, and team members from Group Two for an information-packed podcast specifically created for home builders and developers across America. Group Two delivers a new take on all things sales and marketing, and keep you up to date with the latest industry news, trends, tips, and best practices on Building Perspective!


Building perspective

Builder Funnel Radio

Builder Funnel

Builder Funnel Radio is a bite-sized podcast focused on bringing you sales and marketing strategies that can positively affect your business quickly. In each episode, the host Spencer Powell from Builder Funnel interviews a wide variety of experts in the home building and remodeling industries. Listen and follow along as Builder Radio shares tips and advice to help your business grow.


Market Proof Marketing

If you are looking to discover the latest new home marketing insights, check out Market Proof Marketing Podcast. Each week the host Kevin Oakley and Andrew Peek break down recent new home marketing headlines and discuss how each affects home builders and developers.



The Buyer’s Mind

Buyer Mind

Join Jeff Shores on The Buyer’s Mind, a podcast focused on helping you deeply understand your customer while also increasing your sales. During this podcast, you’ll learn about the psychology behind thought patterns as well as all the little things that lead someone to make a purchase. No matter what you are purchasing, we all have surprisingly similar thought patterns throughout the purchase cycle.


The New Construction Marketing Podcast

The New Construction Marketing Podcast is a weekly educational podcast for new construction sales professionals, specifically designed to share ideas to help you sell more homes. The host Anya Chrisanthon discusses various topics, such as new home sales best practices, time management tips, productivity tools, industry, and marketing trends. Tune in each week to get inspiration from real estate industry leaders. 


New Market Construction

The Art of Construction Podcast

Art of Construction

The Art of Construction podcast discusses a variety of marketing and home building industry strategies, platforms, and events. The host, Devon Tilly, shares The Art of Constructions processes as well as innovative and cutting-edge marketing efforts to meet the marketing, communication, and sales goals of your company.