Top Digital Marketing Tips for the New Year

As we reach the end of the year, it’s important to look at our digital marketing strategies to see what has been working and what adjustments we can make to be even more successful as we move forward.  Here are our top digital marketing tips for the new year to help you reach your 2024 goals.

Evolve Your SEO: Google Search AI

Cabe VinsonCabe Vinson, Director of New Business Development & Sr. Strategist

It’s important to prepare for Google’s latest search technology advancement, the Search Generative Experience (SGE). This innovative search experience incorporates AI generative capabilities, presenting a different set of search results than the ones we are currently familiar with. It is advisable to assess how SGE may impact your search results and website traffic and adjust your strategy accordingly. 

To initiate experimentation and gather valuable insights, visit Google Search Labs. By understanding how your key keywords and business profiles perform in the SGE environment, you can recalibrate your strategies across various channels, including Paid Search and SEO. Stay proactive in adapting to this evolving search landscape to maintain and enhance your online visibility. 

Don’t Let Your Website Become a Frankensite

Cory DotsonCory Dotson, Sr. Director of Development Operations

In the fast-paced world of digital evolution, it’s crucial to approach website modifications with strategic planning, ensuring a seamless integration that enhances rather than detracts from the overall user experience.  

 Each page on your site should meticulously guide users along a purposeful journey, culminating in a compelling call to action. As websites age, the risk of accumulating unnecessary buttons and features increases, resulting in what we playfully refer to as a “Frankensite.”  

 Prioritize clarity and purpose by asking yourself, “What is the desired user action?” Unstructured websites can leave visitors feeling lost, just like a yard sale with signs pointing in multiple directions will frustrate and confuse buyers. 

Test & Enhance Website Tracking

Mila Sorenson, Sr. Director of Marketing & Client Services

Digital marketing is constantly evolving, and this evolution introduces changes that can affect the performance of your campaigns. Reliable data and insights are essential to inform your decisions and enhance campaign performance. To ensure the accuracy of that information, you must consistently analyze and optimize your website and GA4 tracking. 

If you make frequent website updates, add a step in your process to test GA4 tracking thoroughly and set custom events and goals tailored to your specific business objectives to capture the most relevant data for analysis. Doing this will provide a more comprehensive view of user interactions on your website, allowing you to refine your marketing and website strategies based on user behavior.   

Regularly reviewing your data and insights allows you to optimize tracking, supporting a data-driven approach to digital marketing success. 

Make It Crystal Clear Where You Build

Greg BrayGreg Bray, President

In our recent research study, Blue Tangerine asked home buyers about their most important considerations when selecting a home. It wasn’t really a surprise when the top response was the home’s location. Yet too often, I see home builder websites where it is difficult to quickly and clearly understand where the homes they build are located. Compounding this issue, we learned that 40% of those buyers are moving more than 50 miles from their current home. This group of buyers may not know the area or local terminology references as well as you do. Promoting and selling home designs, floor plan layouts, community amenities, and creating a vision of the buyers’ future lifestyle are all important. But don’t forget to also make it easy to figure out where the homes you build are located.  

No matter how much buyers might love a home, if it isn’t located where they want to live, they aren’t going to buy. And remember, if they can’t quickly figure that out, they are likely moving on to the next builder’s website to see what they have to offer instead of engaging with you. 

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