Podcast: Boosting Business Through Podcasting – Colin Gray

digital velocity episode 27-colin-gray

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Colin Gray of The Podcast Host and Alitu joins Erik and Tim to discuss how podcasting can boost business by creating added value to your brand.

Colin explains that podcasting can help businesses educate listeners and create trust with audiences. He says,

“The fact that audio just is a really honest, transparent, one-to-one medium. It’s like somebody’s talking straight into your head. So, you really feel like you get to know them…they’ll spend an hour listening to your show every week. That multiplied by the personality, the human, the transparency behind it, that’s what leads to trust, I think.”

Trust is an integral part of the relationship between a brand and a customer. Colin says,

“So, if you’re a brand and you can find a topic to talk about, something to teach your audience, something to entertain them with, just some value to give them, so that they listen to you. They get to know you as a person, or the people on your team, anyone on your team, just a human behind the brand, then that is what builds that trust, and as soon as they know you, the human behind it, that’s when they can buy from you too.”

Podcasting can create real value for targeted audiences which will positively impact business. Colin says, “If you manage to find a way to create content that appeals to your audience, whether it’s teaching, whether it’s entertainment, whether it’s news, whether it’s motivation, you’ll end up talking about your story a lot, and that story includes the thing you do. That is what kind of builds the impetus towards your customers actually taking part in the services and the products that you sell.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how podcasting can expand business opportunities.

About the Guest:

Colin is a podcaster, speaker, PhD, and founder of both The Podcast Host and Alitu. ThePodcastHost.com is a huge audio, video, and written resource on how to create a successful show. Alitu.com is a web app that includes everything you need to make your podcast in the easiest way possible, but still with full creative control, including call recording, automated audio cleanup, adding your theme music, building your episode, and hosting for your show.