Podcast: Creating the Right Media Mix – Mary Ann Pruitt

Mary Ann Pruitt | Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Mary Ann Pruitt of Mosaic Media joins Erik and Tim to discuss creating the right media mix to accomplish goals and reach target audiences.

Mary Ann explains,

“Today is the day that a media mix is so important. That is what we all as marketers have to look at is, what is my media mix? Do I have all my eggs in one basket? I need to mix this as a whole. It doesn’t mean that you have to be on traditional platforms and digital platforms. There’s a lot we can cover within that, but what am I doing for my overall branding, and then what am I doing for the rest of that funnel?“

Defining goals and understanding customers are key steps when creating a media strategy. Mary Ann says,

“Take that step back, look at those goals, and just look at how those are going to work together, how your goals are going work with each platform. Get to know your customer. I know that sounds like marketing 101, but really get to know your customer.”

Mary Ann says that another crucial element of a media plan is having,

“the right mix of your media. Use the media formats in their strengths. Don’t use them just to use them. Use them where their strengths are that match up with your goals. That is where you’re going to have that key marriage. Don’t just use them. Have them there for what they’re good at and then what you are trying to accomplish with them.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about finding the right media mix to achieve goals and connect with customers.

About the Guest:

Mary Ann is the CEO and President of Mosaic Media, a collection of media buying experts and creative strategists who negotiate, purchase, and monitor advertising space and airtime.