Podcast: Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy Plan – Vithya Kuckreja

Vithya Kuckreja | Digital Velocity

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Vithya Kuckreja of Blue Tangerine joins Erik and Tim to discuss how to develop and implement an effective digital marketing strategy plan.

Vithya explains that there are two main components to a digital marketing strategy plan. She says,

“When I think of digital strategy, I think of it as a plan that’s informed by what are you serving for that customer and how they find you? Those two things go into that digital strategy plan Also part of that plan is aligning your business goals with how people are coming to find you. So, overall, in a nutshell, I think of digital strategy as a plan that’s informed by your business goals and consumer information.”

It is imperative to have a strategic approach when considering a marketing strategy plan in the constantly evolving digital world. Vithya describes,

“This is the challenging part, but also the exciting part of the job because the digital world, what I love so much about the digital world is it’s always changing. You’ll figure something out and then it completely changes. That’s why also having a strategic mindset while we’re managing the campaigns is so important.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how to create, improve, or enhance your digital marketing strategy plan.

About the Guest:

Vithya Kuckreja is a Search Engine Marketing professional with experience in both in-house and agency marketing. Vithya oversees paid search and paid social marketing for various clients spanning numerous verticals, including home builder, apparel, B2B, specialty home goods, specialty food. An experienced growth strategist, Vithya is passionate about getting results for clients, identifying opportunities that will truly make a difference, and extending expertise as part of the client’s extended team.