Podcast: Managing Modern E-commerce Complexities – Jared Ward

Digital Velocity Podcast Episode 61 - Managing Modern E-commerce Complexities with Jared Ward

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Jared Ward of Luminous joins Tim and Erik to discuss how brands can successfully manage modern E-commerce supply chain and operations complexities.

E-commerce is consistently changing and businesses must be constantly addressing those changes to progress. Jared says,

“Planning, forecasting, purchasing, it becomes really difficult when you have multiple points to replenish, and operators, a lot of times they don’t realize that. They just say yes to all these different revenue streams and their tech stack can’t keep up. It can’t do the things that it needed to do.”

E-commerce businesses have to be open and willing to identify where adjustments are required to grow and be profitable. Jared says,

“So, a lot of times E-commerce companies and operators, they want the end game visibility and scalability, but they don’t want to change the thing that’s making it where they can’t even scale. A lot of times they don’t understand that.”

Brands must pay attention to and understand all facets of their data to be able to navigate the modern E-commerce environment. Jared explains,

“Once that supply chain tool does emerge…I think the first thing it’ll be a wake-up call to brands like, wow, my data and my structure is so bad, I can’t even use this tool. Brands can get ahead of it. Start caring about your data. Start asking the questions of like, if I did want AI to automate this, how do I have to segment my data? Is there an introductory system that I could implement that will help me do that? I think those are very, very good questions for brand owners to be asking.”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how to be effective in today’s E-commerce landscape.

About the Guest:

Jared has been in e-commerce supply chain and Ecommerce operations for 12 years. Beginning his journey building baby gates on Etsy to running a multimillion-dollar D2C brand by the age of 28, Jared understands not only the minds and goals of founders but also operators. He noticed a massive gap in the supply chain market in terms of an ERP built for scaling e-commerce brands. With that, Luminous was created. Funded by multiple VCs including Serena Williams, Jared and his team are set to disrupt the Ecommerce ERP market, a multibillion-dollar market.