Podcast: Marketing Doesn’t Require Perfection – Melanie Gowans

Melanie Gowans - home builder episode

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Melanie Gowans of Shane Homes Group of Companies joins Greg and Kevin to discuss why perfection is not required to be successful in home builder digital marketing.

Digital marketing and technology is constantly changing and it can be challenging to keep up with. Melanie says,

“There’s people who’ve been working on this and other digital transformation projects that get caught up in the weeds. They get caught up on perfection and it’s just not the way to go.”

It’s imperative that marketers not be intimidated to approach new ideas and processes because they fear failure. Melanie explains,

“We’re keeping our eye on things, but we’re not afraid to try things either. You know, we kind of go into things going, well, it could absolutely bomb, but at the worst-case scenario, we get some awareness out there.”

Asking key questions can help determine whether a particular marketing strategy is working or not, Melanie says,

“So, we’re constantly reevaluating is the data we’re receiving actually insightful. Well, I like reporting that gives me the guts of what do I need to do next? Or what are the things that are concerning, what are the things that are exciting? I want to know the bad things that are happening too. Some people don’t like to report on that stuff and, you know, it doesn’t mean that campaign isn’t running effectively, but it helps us make better decisions.”

Melanie emphasizes,

“Don’t wait for perfection. You know, just go out and try these things. It’s all about learning and gaining the data to make better decisions. So, if you can do that, I think you’re set up for success.”

About the Guest:

Melanie Gowans is leading change throughout the new home industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  As the General Manager of sales and marketing for the Shane Homes Group of Companies, she is working to provide an unmatched customer experience to thousands of home buyers.

She is passionate about leading teams & executing successful sales and marketing strategies with a commitment to innovative business development & growth.

Transparency is one of the core values for the mid-size family-owned business, and she seized the opportunity to truly stand behind that value by publishing all new home pricing online for everyone to see. Launching a build and price tool was a larger challenge than most realize since they are the largest custom home builder in the province. She was determined not to let their unique selling proposition “Love it or Customize it” get in the way of giving people what they want when searching for a new home.

Melanie believes building trust with customers is the key to success and her incredibly dedicated team along with the implementation of smart tools allows Shane Homes to do just that.