Podcast: Meet Your Host – Erik Martinez

Erik Martinez - Host of the Digital Velocity Podcast

In this week’s episode of the Digital Velocity Podcast, you will meet Erik Martinez, one of the hosts. Learn about his experiences as a leader of a digital marketing agency, and what it takes to ensure you have a successful client-agency partnership.

If you’re coming into this space and want to be in management, and you want to be a CMO or you want to be the Director of Ecommerce for any organization, you need to spend time and not necessarily become an expert in every single field. You need to have tangible, credible knowledge of that field and how it works. That surface level knowledge isn’t going to get by, it isn’t going to get the job done.

About our Guest & Host:

Erik is the Executive Vice President and Co-owner of Blue Tangerine, a digital marketing and website development agency. As an accomplished digital marketer, his in-depth knowledge spans paid and organic search engine marketing, email marketing, website development and management, digital data-mining and analysis, and direct marketing.