Podcast: Serving Specific Home Buyers – Beth Russell

Beth Russell | The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast

This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Beth Russell of Stylecraft joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how to understand and serve specific home buyers.

Each new home buyer needs to feel that their specific home buying journey is important to the builder. Beth says,

“We love to tug on the heartstrings of folks. We know this is an emotional buying process. We know that their journey is the most important. Their experience is the most important. So, regardless of who they are, and the reason why they’re moving, as long as we bring them to the center of it then we’re going to serve that well, and we’re going to be able to be the builder for them.”

The digital experience can be very effective in creating a good home buyer journey, but it isn’t everything if it doesn’t positively assist the home buyer. Beth explains,

“you can have all these cool tools. You can have all of these fun trinkets that people can play with, but if it’s not easy for them and it’s not serving their journey and what they want, then what’s the purpose?”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn how to provide an effective and positive journey to specific home buyers.

About the Guest:

Beth Russell joined Stylecraft in August 2016 as a Sales Executive. At the time, Stylecraft did not have an internal marketing department. In 2017, she was officially promoted to the role of Marketing Manager and assumed responsibility of internal marketing operations. A year later, she was named Director of Marketing as the department began to grow. In 2020, Beth was named in Pro Builder Magazine’s Forty Under 40 class. In December of 2021, she received the Silver Award from NAHB’s the Nationals for Marketing Professional of the Year. Beth earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Science from the University of Maryland and has moved all over the United States due to her husband’s active duty military career. She and her family currently reside in Maryland.