Podcast: Understanding Paid Social Media Marketing – Brian Davidson

Brian Davidson | Digital Velocity Podcast

This week on the Digital Velocity Podcast, Brian Davidson of Matchnode joins Tim and Erik to discuss how understanding and employing paid social media marketing can boost business revenue.

Brands should invest in paid social media campaigns, and Brian explains why. He says,

“…the easy answer is it still drives the majority of demand generation  ROI. There’s so many different platforms where you can spend your ad dollars. You can spend them on new connected TV setups. Of course, you can dump lots of money into Google, but you end up doing a lot of harvesting of demand. But to truly generate demand for a product or service that’s out there, paid social is usually the best place to do it. And when I say paid social it’s still 99% of the time, Facebook, Instagram. They still have by far the most powerful ad network, and that’s where you can generate the demand.”

One of the most important aspects of paid social media is a willingness to adjust strategies during campaigns. Brians says,

“So, I’d say the bigger picture is just being open to changing what you’ve always done. Oh, this worked really well the last two years. Well, we’re not in the last two years’ environment. We’re in 2022 and 2023 is gonna be different than now. So, changing up our creative, changing up our targeting, changing up our value prop. All those questions, I think, need to be on the table for brands in all sorts of different categories of what can we do that’s a little bit different than what we have been doing that’s gonna fit this day and age?”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how paid social media can drive more profit to your business.

About the Guest:

Brian Davidson is the Co-Founder of Matchnode, a digital marketing agency that is changing the way people and organizations leverage social media. He and his team have worked on digital ad campaigns for influential brands like New Balance, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, LendingTree, and Indiana University.

Brian has been a leader in generating leads using Social Media since 2007 when he became the VP of Social Media at NCSA Athletic Recruiting. Lead generation efforts helped the company join both the Crain’s and Inc fastest-growing lists. Brian is passionate about using his experience to help businesses achieve provable, meaningful growth.

His relatable style makes Brian a sought-after guest, providing actionable insights on all things social media marketing.